Department : Biology
College : Science
Field : - Biology

Personal Data

First Name : Marzie Last Name : Mousaie
Birth Date :
Birth Place :
Academic : Assistant Professor Contract Type : Full-Time Faculty
College EMail :
EMail : 1199244015
Research Interest : Biotehnology, Molecular biology and Genetics, Plant ecology and systematics, phytochemistry
Educational Background
Degree :Ph.D Field : Biology (Biotechnology)
College : University of Copenhagen, Denmark Year : 2015
Thesis : CrRNA- protospacer recognition during CRISPR-directed DNA interference of Sulfolobus islandicus REY 15A and structural studies of CRISPR binding proteins (CBP) of Crenarchaeon Sulfolobus
Degree :Masters degree Field : Biology(Plant Ecology and systematics)
College : Bu-AliSina University Year : 2008
Thesis : Identification of regional flora and heavy metal indicator and accumulator plants in Hamekasi mining area of in Hamadan province and investigation of heavy metals effects on morphology and antimicrobi
Taught Courses
Course Name : آزمايشگاه قارچ شناسي
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Course Name : قارچ شناسي
Course Location : Course Date :
Course Name : اصول و روشهاي رده بندي گياهان
Course Location : Course Date :
Course Name : ايمني زيستي
Course Location : Course Date :