Department : Physics
College : Gachsaran Oil and Gas
Field : Ph.D - Physics

Personal Data

First Name : Esmaeil Last Name : Pakizeh
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Academic : Assistant Professor Contract Type :
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Research Interest : Density functional theory - molecular dynamics - phonon dynamics - optical spectra - mechanical properties - magnetic properties - thermoelectric properties - electronic properties - nanoparticles - simulation with computational codes
Educational Background
Degree :Ph.D Field : Condensed matter physics
College : Shiraz university Year : 2013
Thesis : Synthesizes and characterization of pzt nanostructures at the morphotropic phase boundary (mpb) and investigation of different factors on their fabrication
Degree :Masters degree Field : Solid state physics
College : Ferdowsi University of Mashhad Year : 2009
Thesis : Microstructure Effect on Electronic and Optical Properties of Pyroelectric Ceramics Prepared by Nanopowders
Taught Courses
Course Name : Undergraduate courses: mechanical physics, thermal physics, basic physics 1, electrical physics, programming basics, physics laboratory, thermodynamics
Course Location : Yasouj University Course Date : 2013 until now

First principle analysis of the structural, electrical and thermoelectric properties of YTe (YSi, pb, sn, ge) and PbX (X= O, S, se, te) nano-layers
K Rajabi, E Pakizeh, H Tashakori, F Taghizadeh-Farahmand
Solid State Communications 359, 115023
Electronic, magnetic and thermoelectric properties of Nb-substituted Fe2TiO5 pseudobrookite compound: Ab initio study
M Mohammadi, E Pakizeh
Journal of Computational Electronics 21 (5), 1070-1078
Investigation of adsorption of copper, zinc and cadmium metals by polymeric coagulant polyaluminum chloride based on density functional theory
E Pakizeh, R Darvishi
Advanced Materials and New Coatings 10 (37), 2740-2747
Electronic Structure, Optical Properties, and Potential Applications of n-BN/WS2 (n= 1 to 4) Heterostructures
M Mohammadi, E Pakizeh
Journal of Electronic Materials 50 (8), 4696-4704
Structural, electronic, magnetic and thermoelectric properties of pseudobrookite-type Fe2-xTi1+ xO5 (x= 0, 0.5 and 1) compounds: DFT+ U approaches
E Pakizeh, M Mohammadi
Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids 149, 109802
Reply to the comments on “Effect of particle size on the optical properties of lead zirconate titanate nanopowders”[J Am Ceram Soc. 2018; 101: 5335?5345]
E Pakizeh
Journal of the American Ceramic Society 103 (9), 5413-5414
A Combined Experimental and First-Principle Calculation (DFT Study) for In Situ Polymer Inclusion Membrane-Assisted Growth of Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs)
R Darvishi, E Pakizeh
International Journal of Polymer Science 2020
Optical response and structural properties of Fe-doped Pb (Zr0. 52Ti0. 48) O3 nanopowders
E Pakizeh
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics 31 (6), 4872-4881
Ab inito calculations of Hubbard parameters for Pseudobrookite crystals
E Pakizeh, M Mohammadi
WS2 mono layers encapsulated on the BN-layers
M Mohammadi, E Pakizeh
Characterization and comparison of PZT powder synthesis by solid state and sol gel methods
E Pakizeh, GM Khorrami, M Ghasemifard, SM Hosseini, A Kompani, ...
Iranian Journal of Physics Research 12 (2), 185-190
Density Functional Theory modeling of the magnetic susceptibility of heme derivatives
M Mohammadi, FP Aghaei, B Noori, E Pakizeh
Chemical Physics 527, 110498
Study of magnetic and electronic properties of PbFeO3 compound in bulk phase and (100), (110) and (111) surfaces by using first principle study
E Pakizeh
The 6th National Conference on Proogress in Superconductivity and Magnetism …
Investigation of the effects of Iron, Nickel and Cobalt impurities on the electronic and magnetic properties of Gallium Nitride nanoribbons
E Pakizeh
The 6th National Conference on Proogress in Superconductivity and Magnetism …
Electronic, optical and thermoelectric properties of fe 2 zrp compound determined via first-principles calculations
E Pakizeh, J Jalilian, M Mohammadi
RSC advances 9 (44), 25900-25911
Optical study on single-layer photoluminescent graphene oxide nanosheets through a simple and green hydrothermal method
F Behzadi, E Saievar-Iranizad, E Pakizeh
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry 364, 595-601
Kramers–Kronig method for determination of optical properties of PZT nanotubes fabricated by sol–gel method and porous anodic alumina with high aspect ratio
E Pakizeh, M Moradi
International Journal of Modern Physics B 32 (08), 1850096
Investigations of structural, electronic and thermal properties of GaAs nanosheets
E Pakizeh, Z Deylami
5th Conference on Crystal Growth
Effect of particle size on the optical properties of lead zirconate titanate nanopowders
E Pakizeh, M Moradi
Journal of the American Ceramic Society
Investigation of electronic and magnetic properties of the Fe2TiN full-Heusler alloy
E Pakizeh
3rd Iranian Computational Physics Conference, Tehran Iran 2018